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7. — weekend requests


basically, I work in retail, and it legit sucks my soul out on Sat/Sun, enough so I can't even talk to people because I'm a keysmashing mess. so, I figured I'd open myself up for some requests to do on Sat/Sun if anyone wants any! I have Photoshop I don't use anymore because I'm no longer studying, so, I'd like to put it to use for people who may like what I do!

give me:
    high quality screencaps of live action, animated, comic books, or cartoon, you can try video games but I kind of hate those. no model face/stock images! I hate those very much.
    5 caps per person please. I am pretty much dead when I come home so take it easy on me.
    — feel free to request again after that if you go home satisfied and do not require a refund.
    credit either peaked or shithouse, please! if you don't credit them I will call you up and tell you I know what you did last summer and it will not be pretty. I know Tony Abbott.
    — personal preference is I don't particularly want to icon characters I actively play (and Elijah Mikaelson from The Originals as I fulfilled a big request for him recently and I now hate his face with the passion of one million suns) because I already probably make icons for them and I'm sick of their face. semi-active is up for grabs but I may decline, who knows. (it's all a matter of motivation, and iconning characters I've done before sort of kills that).
    — because I'm doing this to cure my boredom/entertain myself, I'll be making these available for other people to use … if I remember. I highly encourage pretentiousness, and if you want to give into my peer pressure, officially request here and they'll be made for you specifically. this is kind of like a suggestion/entertain me/a real good quickie.
    — I don't need to know the canon to icon, I honestly don't care. I also do not care for spoilers. good chance is, I don't know the show anyway!
    — I'm not obligated to fulfil requests for people who are anti-Vegemite!!
    — feel free to request whenever, they'll be filled on Sat/Sun if I remember! if I don't do it, pa edit if you seriously want them.
    open until my icon juice disappears again.

"speed requests" are not open atm, sorry. feel free to request as per normal. ( 27/01/2015 )

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