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11. — reign.

130 icons of reign (s1 and s2)
— 1 of catherine.
— 2 of bash.
— 2 of francis.
— 7 of greer.
— 22 of kenna.
— 7 of lola.
— 90 of mary.

batch notes
credit [personal profile] peaked or [community profile] shithouse if you are taking, please!
— commissions and stuff is here.
— a series of can you not please: hotlink, redistribute on fanpop, or alter!
— comments aren't necessary but they're appreciated. thanks for looking!

finally, a show I kind of watch! pain in the ass to colour, but I experimented (with colouring, not so much cropping since I'm boring) a bit so maybe you can see it, maybe you can't, who knows … some of them are terribad but where I see disgustingness another person sees beauty, so.

if you want to see anything in particular, always feel free to let me know! I may just continue with more Reign (more of the dance scene! gotta love those damn oranges) because I may have it bad for Bash … or shove in some TVD early era when it used to be good and THG.

also, why can't imgur upload things in the order you save them!? I wasted so much time grouping these together. I also may have missed an icon but I really don't care to look for it.
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Lola icons!!! These are all utterly lovely, but I'm especially excited to see Lola icons. Thank you for making!