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14. — arrow.

101 icons of arrow (s3).
— 23 of felicity.
— 41 of laurel.
— 10 of oliver.
— 2 of roy.
— 25 of thea.

batch notes.
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the last time I watched this show Oliver was into Laurel, I was mad Laurel wasn't the Black Canary or known as "Dinah", and I was shipping Tommy/Thea. yeah, I should probably have regrets.

this is season three, I kind of gave up halfway through the episodes. I tried to do some of the dudes, but tbh, they all have super boring expressions. Roy and Oliver literally only 8|. I tried to do Diggle, but I gave up.

the lighting on this show needs an arrow up the wahoooo.

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snagging pretty much all the laurel (who really asides from thea is the only reason i still watch!) it's so hard to find icons of her.