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18. — 100, DW, TO, TVD.

102 icons of the 100, doctor who, the originals, the vampire diaries
— 29 of the 100 ( abby, bellamy, clarke, finn, murphy, octavia, wells. )
— 30 of doctor who ( 11, amy, clara, rose )
— 20 of the originals ( rebekah )
— 23 of the vampire diaries ( damon, elena )

batch notes.
credit [personal profile] peaked or [community profile] shithouse if you are taking, please!
— commissions and requests are here.
— suggestions/spam is here.
— a series of can you not please: hotlink, redistribute on fanpop, or alter!
— comments aren't necessary but they're appreciated. thanks for looking!

you know what's really cool? making icons months ago and finding you really like the colouring/style to only find out months later you never saved the psd. GO ME. anyway, this is an experimental batch. I hate mixing fandoms but I'm so sick of having these sitting on my laptop! I'm pretty sure I've made some icons of Rebekah before, but, you know, practice makes many more icons for people to use! hopefully someone will find some use of them. c:
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[personal profile] silverhare 2015-06-28 05:34 pm (UTC)(link)
Loved the Amy and Clara ones - taken a few, thanks!
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All of your icons are beautiful. I especially love the TVD ones.