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1. — ( sticky! ) commissions and requests



hi! thanks for dropping by. currently I offer:
  • requests for up to 15 icons for free
  • commissions between 30 - 100 icons
  • I am currently closed due to the holiday season plus general lack of inspiration. feel free to placeholder; I'm planning to come back for commissions mid-Dec.


this is relevant to requesting and commissioning.
    — what I do and do not icon:

    • I will icon: cartoon, live action and video games! I have a preference to not icon photoshoots and model face, but if that's what you want, then that's what I can deliver.
    • I will not icon: candids, fan art unless it's yours, and unofficially released material (not fond of camrips). I do not colour!
    • on that note: I will icon media I do not know. if you want a specific character, please let me know who they are — you can get an idea of what I'm familiar with character-wise from the icons I post here, but please do let me know who it is regardless.

    feel free to take a peak in the comments here, since I've iconned a lot of canons/characters I don't know and from live action/video games/cartoons to get a better feeling of my style.

    15 icons is free, 30 and over is a commission. if you cannot provide caps for a commission, please see the commissions below for details.

    — please do not link me galleries. please link me specific high quality screencaps you like. I prefer caps to be given to me in an imgur album or sendspace for ease of downloading.

    I will make my own screencaps of your subject if you absolutely cannot find any screencaps of your chosen subject. I prefer to limit myself to this as it is very time consuming to not only do a commission but find the material and cap myself. please see capping under commissions for more information.

    — no more than twenty caps per request. (this applies to requests asking for 15 icons). please add an extra 5 (if you like!) for lighting reasons. I won't turn you down if you give me a little more. I almost always icon every cap, regardless.

    on that note, I rarely don't icon a cap I find difficult.

    — if you haven't heard a confirmation I received your request after 10 days, drop me another comment or pa edit.

    turnaround time is at least one to two weeks. it should only take a week maximum for 100 icon commissions, as I can make 100 in one sitting if the day is kind. two weeks is just a buffer; I work five days and sometimes can't access my computer to be on photoshop. 250 commissions may take two weeks.

    requests will be shuffled in with the commissions.

    — please do not send me points until I've confirmed it is done! once I've confirmed, feel free to send half the points first, obtain your icons, and the rest after, or all of them in full. I'm not comfortable taking paypal, but if you prefer it, maybe we can work something out. (I ask for DW points because that's where it goes, anyway, and it is my preferred method.)

    — please credit peaked or shithouse. the icons commissioned will not be made available for public use unless you merely drop me a suggestion to "icon Regina Mills".


I will make icons to trade for dreamwidth points, as well as screencap gather and make my own caps if absolutely necessary. bigger commissions take a lot more time than a quick 15-20 icon request. what I consider a commission:
  • 30 or more icons are considered a commission.
  • if you cannot provide screencaps, I can make them myself. please note any screencap gathering and any screencap creating costs an additional number of points.

the pricing is as follows:
    1 point per icon (minus 15 as the first 15 are free), so it ends up as, for example:
      — 100 icons for 85 dreamwidth points.
      — 250 icons for 235 dreamwidth points.

    you pay for every unique icon, not the duplicates:

    number of unique icons - 15 = dreamwidth points.

if you cannot provide screencaps please be aware that in this instance the 15 free icons is not included in the commission and the 15 points I deduct are added.
  • for a commission under 100, if I have to gather the screencaps myself, this will be an additional 15 points.
  • for a commission over 100, if I have to gather the caps myself, this will be an additional 30 points.
  • if I have to make the screencaps, for both types of commissions, this will be an additional 60 points. * for finding a download that's workable/high quality, capping, getting fussy with the capping to ensure you get good angles and variation, and then sorting through said capping.

I will gladly make caps myself, but I can only do so of actual moving footage such as television shows and movies. I will not only take screencaps.

the process
  • I make you 5 icons or so to show you what the colouring will look like. (I usually pick a variety of different caps — dark, light, very bright, close ups, distant shots — so you can see what the batch may turn out like.)
  • you say yay or nay. I won't be offended if you say nay, because sometimes things just don't work out! it's cool bananas.
  • if you say yes to the dress, I complete the commission.
  • once I am done, I'll give you a preview (usually 15) and let you know I will send them via PM. I will also inform you of how many points it is.
  • I upload your icons to sendspace. you send the points and get your icons in return. please send the points to peaked before you receive your icons, thank you.

I will do commissions that are between 30 - 100 icons. anything between 100 - 250 will need to be negotiated because I do not have as much free time as I once did to complete that many icons within my proposed turnaround of one week.

turnaround expectation: 100 icons = 1 week. 250 = 1-2 weeks. I work five days a week, so this is an estimation of my time factoring in my availability outside of work hours.

please note I'm not too keen on doing commissions for characters I actively play. if you want one, just talk to me! I'm not against it but I'm not too hot for it, either.

sorry, only currently taking commissions of max. 100 icons.

STATUS AS OF 28/11 ( 0/0 )

    — ( OPEN )
    — ( OPEN )
    — ( OPEN )

    completed sets
    — 100 icons of damon salvatore!
    — 100 icons of octavia blake!
    — 250 icons of eliot waugh!
    — 150 icons of sansa 2.0!
    — 250 icons of stiles stilinski!
    — 250 icons of alister!
    — 100 of lee pace icons!
    — 150 icons of harry hart + gathering!
    — 250 icons of elena michaels season two + gathering!
    — 25 icons of lexi branson!
    — 150 icons of mikado!
    — 150 icons of hayley marshall + gathering!
    — 100 icons of captain hook!
    — 38 icons of elizabeth olsen!
    — 36 icons of godfrey gao + capping!
    — 103 icons of cartoon thor!
    — 250 icons of laurel lance + gathering!

    just lmk what you want — a request or a commission. if it's the former, just drop links all over this grill, if it's the latter, please imgur album/sendspace it up! I'm always open to suggestions. comment here or pm if you have any queries! ta. ♥

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