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20. — the 100.

227 icons of the 100 ( season two )
— 2 of abby
— 33 of bellamy
— 88 of clarke
— 17 of finn
— 5 of jasper
— 12 of lexa
— 4 of lincoln
— 5 of murphy
— 28 of octavia
— 33 of raven

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THIS IS ALL OF SEASON TWO. or, at least, my favourite caps from every episode. I got a little bored with Mount Weather so I didn't save much, sorry Monte. I'm trying to get back into this show and given I can't watch something while doing something else, I've been watching season two while iconning it. I went through one of the galleries and just kept saving images … Oops. I feel like going back to season one and doing some Bellamy and Octavia, since I love iconning those guys.

never ever ever am I saving an entire season's worth of caps AGAIN! I hope my icon count is right but at this point I am going cross-eyed and I don't care! enjoy!