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21. — OUAT.

150 icons of once upon a time, season 4. ( 4.01 - 4.03 )
— 25 of anna.
— 89 of elsa.
— 2 of emma.
— 10 of marian.
— 19 of regina.
— 5 of robin.

batch notes.
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I only got as far as watching until Christian Grey died on this show way back when it first aired, but here I am, iconning season four with plans to do all the episodes of it. I blame Andie and Raos, to whom this post is dedicated to. you guys suck a lot.

as you can tell, I love the Frozen sisters and whatever the hell Robin and Regina's ship name is. lbr, I gave up on ordering this. I'm hoping to do three more episodes, but I don't know when.
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Outlaw Queen, I ... think? The OUAT shipping names are complicated.

Love these icons; can't wait for the next set!