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24. — the 100.

88 icons of the 100 season one (1.01).
— 13 of bellamy
— 16 of clarke
— 16 of finn
— 7 of murphy
— 11 of octavia
— 25 of wells

batch notes.
credit [personal profile] peaked or [community profile] shithouse if you are taking, please!
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— a series of can you not please: hotlink, redistribute on fanpop, or alter!
— comments aren't necessary but they're appreciated. thanks for looking!

this post is dedicated to the fact that my photoshop is a piece of shit and decided to die on me AGAIN! a batch of icons that's been sitting on my computer for a while, and while I wanted to do the entire episode, I gave up considering Adobe and I are no longer friends this month. here you go. ♥

always taking suggestions.