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26. — THE FLASH.

186 icons of the flash ( misc. s1. + 2.20 - 2.23 )
— 28 of barry
— 42 of caitlin
— 10 of cisco
— 6 of hunter
— 58 of iris
— 19 of jesse
— 1 of joe
— 4 of laurel / black siren
— 5 of thawne
— 3 of wally
—10 of wells

you guys, I loooooove these episodes sfm.

I was kind of bored and decided to make some icons randomly after how many weeks? did some colour experimenting. I made the few season 1 icons ages ago, never saved the PSD because I'm a genius, and decided to try and make a different colouring style …

I love iconning Iris West so much. not a fan of Jesse, but, hey, you'd think I was … sorry there's not too many of the boys. hopefully someone can find some use for these? see you in another 3 months!

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