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3. — merlin, ouat and tw.

50 icons — merlin bbc, ouat, and tw.
— 3 merlin bbc, season one.
— 12 of ouat, specifically robin hood and season one of emma swan.
— 35 of teen wolf, 3a.

batch notes
— credit [personal profile] peaked or [community profile] shithouse if you are taking, please!
— I am taking suggestions here!
— a series of can you not please: hotlink, redistribute on fanpop, or alter!
— comments aren't necessary but they're appreciated. thanks for looking!

I am never ordering by character ever again. I know I said Teen Wolf 3a and popped in an Erica icon. surprise! gave up on Merlin caps, but will try again next batch! I like how I don't watch any of these shows anymore. but Robin is a cutie patootie!